Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm throwing in the kimono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know where to begin.... I had so many issues tonight it was just plain RIDICULOUS. Hmmm when I got home from work I started on this, I was so excited to see it to fruition...hmmmm

I sewed the sides completely shut and forgot arm holes, and I had done french seams so there were a gazillion seams to rip out on both sides. Mr. C then decided we should go to Shoguns to celebrate my graduation. (Dinner was wonderful) I get home and start again... ROFL

I then proceed to fix the side seams now WITH arm holes. However I sewed both opening flaps in the side seams...hmmm how are you supposed to fit in that? Okay so Mr. C has fallen asleep tired of waiting for me. I rip those seams up to free the opening. And then realize that the SIDE seams from earlier I forgot to insert the closure ties. (SO lets repeat all the way back to before I left for dinner).

Okay so I gave up on the cap sleeves, I gave up on it being reversible (even though it is lined), FORGET it, this piece is TRAGIC. (I forgot to even mention how horrible the bias tape was and the piping started out as my favorite part hmmmmm EXCEPT for the BIG section that I missed.

I'm going to bed folks, I'm throwing in the kimono... or better yet I'll burn it!!! (HA, bwahhhhh, I'm not even sure I want to cut this up for the quilt... I don't think I ever want to see it again).

LOL But all in all can I say how much fun I honestly have had in the last seven & half hours!


Atasha said...

I have no business laughing because I have had those nights too! I take my mother's advice though, she always tells me when you're having trouble like that, put it down and walk away hahahaha because you will never sew it right. When you first realized you had sewn where the armholes were that was your sign hehehehehe I could just imagine you ripping stitches out, restitching and then realizing you have to do it again. That's awful.

When I entered those crocheted scrubbies I had initially made a knit skirt for my challenge but I threw that mess in the trash and it was never seen again :-)

Penelope Anne said...

This has happened to me SO many times I cant even tell you - I kept a sewing journal my first year and wrote down every thing - and their is so much cursing in the journal that it's x rated! this is how we learn! LOL - I wish I couldve been a fly on the wall though i bet it was hilarious!!! ROFL