Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 41 Custom II

The first ones is w/o glitter

2nd with glitter

I mixed 3 different shades of pink up all with pearl including the white. Let me know if you like either pair :)


Atasha said...

I really really like the first ones. She's taking a shower when she gets out I will show her. I love the rich dark pink but of course it's not about me so whichever ones she likes she will have.


Penelope Anne said...

ok im drooling! They are INSANE!

Atasha said...

The first photo that's what we want without the glitter.

guurrrl said...

Awesome I will set it up! :D

Atasha said...

Did you also see that I wanted the pastel ones even though you said there weren't enough glitter? Ms Princess loves them.