Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 44 first prototype

The first prototype from my sketches - im still in limbo about if I want a tie or not - i like the strapless look - but i dont know - i played with some yellow and red but nothing i liked - we'll see!


guurrrl said...

I really like the fabric combos. I would also like it with or without the straps so I guess I'm no help there, LOL

Atasha said...

I'm thinking with the straps only because kiddos are so active & playing in this dress may cause them to accidentally flash folks. I love the strapless look also. I made something similar for Alyssa and she was forever pulling it up. Of course it could be my error with the design. who knows. But I really love the bright colors and especially that Hippo fabric. It's like carnival back home :-) Gives the feel of an island look