Monday, October 12, 2009

Cooking again!

Thought I would share a recipe of mine.  I am sorry I cannot give exact amounts.  It's a trial and taste thing.

Homemade Bean Burger

I made the best bean burgers yesterday.  Even the buns were homemade!

Supermom's Bean Burger Recipe~

1 hand full dried red beans
2 1/2 hand fulls dried pinto beans

Rinse and soak, whatever you usually do.

I put them in my pot, cover in water.  Added lots of salt and garlic to the mix.

Cook until tender.  Optional ~ After they cook for about an hour I add a handful of dried split peas.

Drain and put beans in stand mixer bowl.  Put on low and add everything else.

Add couple handfuls of bread crumbs.  I made my own from some leftover rosemary olive oil bread that I made last week.

Add one egg.  More salt and garlic.  Then make your patties.  (I usually end up with 12.)

When ready to cook just heat some olive oil on med.  Just cook until brown on both sides.  I usually keep the pan covered.  You can even cook some onions in same pan while burgers cook.

These make a fabulous quick lunch and dinner!

Here's a picture of my buns.  HA HA!

Homemade Hambuger Buns


guurrrl said...

Those look so delicious. I'm going to try to make the bean burgers next week. Of course because of evil Sobe diet mine will be sans buns. The buns look WONDERFUL!

Atasha said...

Thank you thank you thank you so much for sharing this. It really looks yummy