Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 30 ...The last of my favorite fabric :( :) LOL!

This vintage wildflower fabric is my all time fav. I sold probably 25 jumpers made from this and I only had a few small pieces left, so I decided to quit hoarding them and make a cute lil skirt! I saved one little piece for me to keep - LOL! Cause Im crazy like that~ Its in an 18-24 month. The twirl circumference is AMAZING!


Penelope Anne said...

**Tagging for Comment follow up**
(Chelle, is there anyone to get notification of comments on posts, besides leaving a comment and checking the box?)

Atasha said...

I'm not sure why looking at this brings back so many memories of back home (I'm originally from Trinidad) Maybe because my mom had fabric very similar :-)

Stop hoarding the little end that you're keeping and make something with it :-)

guurrrl said...

Is this the fabric you made the beautiful jumper for Daniel C's wee one? I love it! The skirt is beautiful.

Penelope Anne said...

That is the fabric Gail - It is my all time fav - I love it -
Atasha - it takes me back to childhood - its the most beautiful vintage fabric I've ever owned....and now its gone...sniff, sniff...LOL!