Saturday, October 17, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 34 Project 16 still in the making

I love that toile print

Okay I am cheating a bit. My mother in law has a baby shower to go to on the 25th and she placed an order with me. So I went out to find some fabric. I didn't start it yet but I have to make a blanket, Burpies and probably a changing mat. I don't know how I am going to create for the next few days as my wholesale lady ordered 650 flower hair clips from me. I've been swamped and she needs it in a rush. I will still try to make something though.


guurrrl said...

Why don't you just enter the things you are creating for the shower and the hair clippies! It can be anything :) I love the fabric.

Penelope Anne said...

Most of the stuff I make is for my shops - enter the clippies! LOVE the fabrics - cant wait to see!!! YAY!

-Courtney Rae* said...

the way I see it, if your makig, your creating! I don't see why those things made wouldnt count!
you are creating them after all!

Atasha said...

Okay I figured since this was not going through my shop then it wouldn't count. Wholesale lady does it straight through the mail because etsy would take out too much for the fee. I feel like I'm cheating them in some way but at least she was the one who suggested it :-) Will do. We'll see how many I can get done today.