Monday, October 5, 2009

Day 23 - Skirting the Issue

I totally skirted the issue tonight!
I tried my hand a tutu with some halloween scraps
I made a I ♥ NY skirt from a tee Carolyn hooked me up with
and a skirt from a KISS tee Ive had for a couple of years :)


Atasha said...

I really like the "I love NY" skirt. Do those stretchy jersey materials give you trouble? I have some jersey cloth to make some things but I am scared. I tried before and because the fabric stretched nothing matched up when I finished sewing. It was down right scary

Penelope Anne said...

Atasha it is TOTALLY not doable for me on the sewing machine - I had a similar experience several years ago when I was trying to make a simple straight skirt for myself out of jersey knit - it haunts me to this day (((cringe))) I do all this stuff entirely on the serger - it feeds the fabrics without stretching and it feeds both layers through at the same speed which is fantastic!

Atasha said...

Really? Just the serger? I will definitely have to try that Yay I'm excited now. Maybe I could finally make some stuff out of all the jersey cloth I just threw in a box. Thanks a lot

guurrrl said...

Oh the KISS skirt!!!!! xoxoxoxo (wish my eggo would hurry it up and get preggo) LOL

Penelope Anne said...