Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 20 Mini Crayon Roll

Wow it's been a long but fun day! The office went to a United Way fundraiser from 12-4, then tailgating until 8, then to the football game. I got home at 11:45. The whole way home all I was thinking about is what am I going to create? I made an 8 crayon roll for a co-worker's grandson.
His birthday is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the St. James Art Festival...I am soooooo excited!


Penelope Anne said...

I hope 'drawers' came correct after you stood up at the game! LOL! Love the mini roll - thats awesome that you do that for your work crew!

guurrrl said...

OMG It was sooo funny and Mr. C could NOT quit laughing at me. They had fallen so far down that I tried to reach in and grab them and I couldn't reach them in the back!!!! I was dying! Last night I was so sleepy that I penciled the stitch lines on the wrong piece of fabric twice, LOL. xoxoxo :)

Atasha said...

I really love the combination of fabrics that you chose for this.
I'm going to pretend that I didn't read what I just did hahahah you all are funny :-)

Penelope Anne said...

Rof! !!! U made me drop like 5 stitches last night with ur tweets! I mess up like crazy if I sew when I'm sleepy but I'm talking craziness like trying to pull thefabric out while the machine needle is still down and then getting mad bc it won't work. Lol