Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 45 - a merging....hee hee

I have TONS of homework this week so I thought I'd start a sweat b/c I can do some homework, knit a row or two (repeat) so here's tonight's ♥ I bought this yarn last winter - its cheapo yarn but i love the color variegation :)


Atasha said...

I really love that color. And might I say it appears that you are so organized it's sickening. You have the pattern in a folder IN a plastic cover to boot.
Because I feel so badly I will organize my desk tongiht. So there :-)

guurrrl said...

I love those colors too! LOL I've got my patterns in a binder too! :D xoxoxo I can't wait to see it finished. What are you studying?

Atasha said...

LOL you too Gail? Patterns in a binder hehehe You should see where I keep my receipts. In a plastic bag. It's ridiculous

Penelope Anne said...

OMG! Atasha - my house is such a 'creative space' is such a wreck if i didnt keep them in a binder i would never be able to find them! LOL!!! Gail - I started business classes on monday nights - its an 8 week course - and theres lots of home work! this is new for me - i think ive introduced too much structure into my life at one time!!! heee
ps - Atasha - you're doin much better than me with the receipts - they are scattered all over my purse and car and office - UGH!!!