Thursday, October 15, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 33 Creation #15 From top to dress

I bought that top from the Children's place when I had my first daughter 4 yrs ago. However the family went out of control with clothes and she never got to wear it. It was a 3 - 6 month top. I chopped off the bottom and added those 2 rows of ruffles. This photo doesn't quite capture how cute it looks but it's nice.
Question: Could I sell this and what would be the labeling? Is it recycled? altered? what? Thanks for any suggestions.
As you can tell I am clueless

Okay I took one with my chunkster in it. Looks okay I think


Penelope Anne said...

Your 'Chunkster' ROCKS THE BLOCK BABY!!!!! It is recycled, repurposed, anything you wanna call it! You've repurposed a lil shirt and made the cutest dress ever! LOVE It! SELL IT!

guurrrl said...

OMG she is ADORABLE...I just want to squeeze her! I love this!!!!! and I agree with PA sell it it rocks!

Atasha said...

Thanks so much.

lol........I hug and squeeze her little chunky self every chance I get :-)