Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 44 YUCK

We'll just say somethings do not translate well! My favorite candy are Good and Plenty Licorice and I decided to try to make some earrings....which look like I'm promoting pill popping!

The second pair are pea pods and I thought that some day they may bring me luck but after making them I think they are U.G.L.Y.

I also worked on my first try at making lemon cane and it did not come out well either. Next time I'll let it freeze over night before rolling to reduce distortion?


Penelope Anne said...

Whats wrong with pill poppin? LOL!

guurrrl said...


Atasha said...

Hahahaha....well for what it's worth I think the peas in a pod looks great. Why would you think it was ugly?

Gail said...

You should have seen the first pair of pea pod earrings I made that night. I beaded them in peyote style then centered the pea pods... Mr. C even said they were ugly, LOL. I'm out of sterling findings at the moment so I can't wear them yet. The Good and Plenty went in the trash.