Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 20 - Half Double Helix ;)

LOOKIE! I knitted a half double helix! LOL! JK - Im in the process of Knitting a Baby Boggin, but it took me so long to re learn my long tail cast on that I couldnt stay awake long enough to finish! UGH!!!!
(...note to self - DO NOT watch AFV and try to keep a ribbed pattern going - SHEESH~


guurrrl said...

I only know how to make granny squares (I think that is what they are called???) Looks so cool.

Atasha said...

Oh the colors, my goodness, just gorgeous. Well I know only the basic stitch I don't know what it's called either but I don't know how to end off so I just keep going and going. I find knitting to be so hard.

Penelope Anne said...

Knitting is hard to me as well. I only learned last summer. Ive been crocheting since I was a little girl and it comes easy to me so Im hoping that with time knitting will come easier as well. This little hat will probably take me a week! UGH! LOl~!