Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 25 Crayon Ornament Try #2

My co-worker's son loved his b-day crayon roll. He is 4. She said he wanted to roll up his matchbox cars (which of course do not fit in the crayon pockets). So tonight I worked on one with larger pockets (triple sewn).

I plan on ordering the following fabric to make it :)


Supermom said...

Love it!

The car one is a fab idea!

Atasha said...

I love the fabric you plan to order. I actually toyed with the idea of making a hotwheel/matchbox car case. Similar to the one Hotwheel has but I never got to it. That's so like me. Too many plans too little time :-)

Penelope Anne said...

I need something for me out of that little fabric OMG!!!! covered buttons maybe? LOL!!!!
GREAT!!!! I cant wait to see!