Friday, October 23, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 40 Creation # 22 Blue Crackled Glass Cluster Earrings

Made with high shine rose earring wires, crackled glass beads and that larger glass bead in between the crackled bead confusion. They are 2" long

I was just too excited to sew. Aside from getting some fabric in the mail that I ordered, the ideas were just coming at me too fast and I ended up putting the cloth away and just making these. It was crazy. I really wanted to sew but I couldn't decide what I wanted to make! So we'll try again tomorrow.

***I can remove this if it's inappropriate for this blog since I know it's all about our Daily Challenge***

Gail, I finally uploaded the photos. They were on a different memory card hehehe....
This was the first time I wore them. Weeks ago.
This was a more recent trip. I got them both in one shot hehehe My arm was hurting from twisting it :-) because we took several of them that were not good.


guurrrl said...

I love the crackled glass beads!!!! OMG the photos of your in the sushi are AMAZING!!!! Do you care if I steal them for Etsy? I would have you and Penelope Ann!!! AWESOME photos thank you for posting them!

Supermom said...


Atasha said...

Thanks! Don't mind at all Gail. It took me long enough too :-)