Tuesday, October 20, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 37 Creation #19 BabyGirlBundle

I finally stepped away from those flowers for one night and did something fun! I have to ship tomorrow so I kinda had no choice but to do it last night hehehe

I tried something new and made a fabric & paper tag. I thought it was appropriate for the special occasion. I really hate sewing Minky. That blanket gave me so much trouble because once again the fabric stretched even though I only used the serger [Why Renee? Why? :-) ] and I spent a very long time fixing it. No more for me.


guurrrl said...

It is GORGEOUS. I absolutely love your fabric tag with the ribbon!!!! This is a WONDERFUL set!!!

Penelope Anne said...

I dont know what to say about this - i dont have the words! It is absolutely the most beautiful set I've ever seen!

-Courtney Rae* said...

I'm jealous!

guurrrl said...

I can't get over the toille with the bears! And your fabric tag itself is BEAUTIFUL! (On the Minky note: Every time I go to the fabric store I think of getting some but I do not have a serger.) Can you imagine the things I would be saying with my sewing machine? LOL

Atasha said...

Thank you so much you guys. I really hope the recipient likes it as much as you do! I saw that those bears reading books, sleeping and in PINK. I had to have it.

The end results are usually good but getting there is hell. Hahaha...that darn minky fabric causes me grief. It's a good thing I always cut these things way bigger than the finishing measurements because when I was finished the whole blanket was a good 2 inches smaller all the way around.

Well guurrrl, even with my serger I was cussing up a storm. I would have had a drink to calm my nerves but I would not have been able to finish. Thank goodness my kids were asleep and didn't hear my potty mouth