Friday, August 13, 2010

So overwhelmed...I can't function well

WARNING: Vent coming-----This week has really been rough. My husband has been getting me loads of business so I have been working on those orders.  He said he wants a cut of the $$ haha what a joker. He also needs me to make like umpteen hard hat visor neck shades for people at the construction sites.  Had a test run but need to improve.  All his worker friends putting in orders and I don't even have the fabric yet or mastered the product.  He's been telling people, "my wife can make anything just let me know what you want"  Uhm not...I'm so stressed

Anyway, my sweetie modelled for me today.  Present for a friend.  She'll also get a flower just not that one. That baby's mine ;-)

I am so in love with these prints and I got a bunch
Started making checkbook covers that accommodate both side tear and wallet styled checks

Poppy Passion Check Cover
The test headband

Customizable cover in pink dots and an Oopsie.  Those darn snaps cuts my fabric so it's on sale.  I should rip out the bottom partially and change out the flap then I can sell it full price but I hate hate hate the ripping.

I finally put it up this week after sending to several ladies to critique and had my first buyer yesterday.  I was/am so nervous.  I hope she leaves positive feedback LOL


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

The headband is AMAZING! and everything you make is sensational! I hate to rip as well - i throw it out first! lol!

Supermom said...

You are awesome!!!

guurrrl said...

These truly are magnificent! OOH a tutorial :) I love the test headband!!!! :)