Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 322, 323, & 324 Gloves & Such

Day 322
This is a picture I captured of Diva with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app while she was yawning....
She almost looks vicious.

Before she fell asleep with Mr. C

I made one glove yesterday. This fabric is a scrap from the dress I made and sent to Oita. I'm very excited because now whenever I wear these I will always think of DJ Nave and his family and my roots to Japan.

Day 324
We got stuck by the train last night on our way home from the getting groceries.I like how the front of the train looks eerie and the headlights look like eyes ;)


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

love the train pics! and NO YOU DIDNT GO FAB ON ME WITH THE GLOVE! its incredible it looks like bday cake! YUMMERS! Diva looks totally vicious! Hope was very impressed!

Atasha said...

I really like that glove Gail. Hopefully you will have the other one ready in time hehehehe or are you going one glove-handed ;-)

guurrrl said...

Too funny Atasha because I just realized that in my cleaning frenzy on Sunday I may or may not have thrown the pieces away. (AAAARGH I hope that is not what I threw away) LOL I vaguely remember picking up some pieces off the back of the couch when I was cleaning carpets and thinking what are these odd shaped pieces, LOL.