Saturday, August 21, 2010

3 down and only 1 to go

I think I am going to actually "hire" my husband as my marketing man :-)  He went to a birthday party today and I loaded him up with business cards.  I made the birthday girl a headband and he called me to tell me the mommies went nuts when they saw the present and they want one for their girls.  So he gave them a business card.  Hehehe....Anyway made this, this morning. 

But I have to do over that pink one then it's off to Australia with some flowers on Monday  The "K" looks awful.  I tried to mix fonts.  Boo me.

The 2 sided headband.  It is truly 2 in 1. 
Made last night

I am pleased with the result but I realize next time I will have to charge more than I initially did.  The pressure of having to cut extra straight almost did me in LOL


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

oh WOW beau bear! ROCK ON! they look fantastic!

Atasha said...

Thank you ma'am ;-)