Friday, August 20, 2010

I love custom orders

I'm sure you've seen my whining about my strained knee and Baker's cyst on my FB updates.  So you know how I've been physically hehehe  Bye Bye Zumba class ;-(

Anyways, I've had this one pending even before I even got my new girl.  The final chosen color was a lovely combination of chocolate brown and bably blue.

Another custom
And yet another for the same person
Requested pawprints on a cover that would accommodate side tear checks

We're also testing the personalized dog leashes and talks of the matching collars were mentioned but I am so afraid of those clasping buckles and rings.  I'll buy one this weekend to get a closer look.  (I chose the worse font ever but I won't use this one again) This was the test one that will arrive today or tomorrow.  We'll then discus any changes/improvements that need to be made

And of course my so-so bodysuit.  I swear that space is driving me nuts but we'll see.  It's such a darn pain to hoop these small items.  I'm not sure I like it.  I have a bunch of bodysuits so I better get to work with some kind of cutesy words ;-)  I hate having things just sitting in the house doing nothing.

That's about it.