Saturday, August 7, 2010

Gingermoon bag & some other stuff

I had a wonderful morning.  My husband has been marketing the heck out of my products to all his friends and his mechanic's daughter came over to the house this morning, bought my favourite Sexygirl apron (the one that I'm wearing one of of my FB profile pics), got some earrings and some hair flowers.  My morning started off great!

My measurements on this bag was initially off.  I was going to put it on sale but it bothered me so much to not have a perfect bag in this fabric that I ripped in out this morning and fixed it. (I hate ripping stuff out) SO YAY.   I'm listing in shortly.  Almost finished the other one like it but it's for my sister in law.
Gotta have matching accessories ;-)

Breast Cancer Awareness check book cover.  It was a test.  Came out good but it's marked down in my store


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

i hate ripping stuff out to! blehk! congrats on completion! I totally love the bc checkbook cover! SAWEEET!

guurrrl said...

I'm loving all of the accessories. (oh and me too when it comes to ripping stuff out... my eyes are horrible. I've gotten to where I have to put it down and go back to it the next day)

These are spectacular!