Sunday, August 8, 2010

Personalized items

There was "Hoop drama" in the wee hours of the morning.  LOL Yesterday I went out to purchase a 4" by 4" hoop for Ms. B. as she only came with a 5" x 7"  Well you know how I don't like to measure stuff and it works out fine most times.  I completely forgot to check some grid thingy that came in the box that helps you with positioning, so you could make sure you don't hit the hoop with the needle when you change the default position of whatever your're going to embroider.  Yes friends.  Lucky I didn't walk away from the machine and got it as soon as the needle hit the hoop and broke.  Anyway after fixing that, I made this.  Yay me!  I hope I didn't damage my poor girl


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

I love the monogram! Too funny about the measuring - Im totally the same way! Im glad you caught it when you did! whew!