Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 318 Fingerless Gloves

I started working on these on Saturday. The first one's were horrific. I was going to dig them out of the trash to take a picture but Mr. C had already dumped the sewing basked when he emptied the rest of the trash. Tomorrow I'll scan all of my pattern drafts. They are pretty funny. Even tonight after it took me forever to get the thumb in I decided to cut all of the little, "fingerlettes" off! :D

I love the single glove..... tomorrow I'll tackle it's mate. These are to go with the grey scarf that Mr. C is finishing up for me. (Thank you Mr. C.... the master unravel-er, HA!)

I've had a migraine off and on since Friday... it is NOT my friend.


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

GREAT glove though and that nail polish is ROCKIN! Is it who the shrek are you!?

Atasha said...

Such a great guy you have there Gail ;-) I remember I tried to get my husband to dismantle some flowers for me once. You should have seen the dirty look he gave me LOL

guurrrl said...

I will figure out the fingers I tell ya.... bwahahahahahahahaha ;)

I'm so thankful. He is so funny. He just sat down with the seam ripper, with a TV tray in front of a TV tray. I'm not sure if he was yelling at the game or my scarf, LOL. But he was fast on the one side... now if he'll just get to the other, LOL. :D

guurrrl said...

It is Who the Shrek are You! I finally found it here!! :)