Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keychain card case, check covers and a handbag

I'm on Cloud 9.  My brother and his family finally made a surprise visit after 10+ yrs.  My kids met their cousin, aunty and uncle for the 1st time.  My SIL has a shopping problem and began picking through all my checkcovers.  She put aside a whole bunch today and wants a custom one with like a billion card pockets ;-) The Ginger Moon bag that I am not even finished yet is already sold. So I'll have to make another for the store LOL 

"The Mediterranean" KeyChain Card Case

"The Skullz" Keychain Card Case

I short cut on this one and the eyelet was all messed up on the inside, but can someone PLEASE tell me if there is some secret that I can use to prevent the eyelets from splitting on the backside?  Look at the top eyelet?

"Sweet Treats" Keychain Card Case
Made another cover with this fabric and added a pen loop in a different place.  I don't like it there and will stick to putting it where I usually do

"Peachy Blue" Floral Keychain Card Case

Matching Checkbook Cover
Ginger Moon Handbag with Bamboo Handles (SOLD)

I hope I don't mess it up before it's completed.  That would suck.

I have some time to sew again.  Shipped a few hundred flowers last Friday and now I am taking a break to sew. 


Anonymous said...

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Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

the eyelets do the same thing with me - i dont know what the trick is if there is one. do you use the tool - i do- maybe we should google it

Atasha said...

I did google it and if there is a secret then nobody's talking. Yep I use the tool. I really don't think there is a trick to it. Maybe there is some magic eyelet that actualy looks smooth and untorn on both sides. I'll keep on trying different ones.

I was so curious and thought I was doing something wrong so I was on Etsy for quite sometime looking through items with eyelets. I found some photos that they took of both sides and it's the same thing. The rings are all split up but I don't think it looks as bad with the silver looking rings as it does with the colour ones so that is what I may start using.

guurrrl said...

OOH key chain card cases! I love those things. So handy dandy :D All of these items are really pretty. I also really like the handle that you chose for the bag. WONDERFUL. :D