Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 333 Relaxing at Days

I took a few photos at Days Coffee in the Highlands yesterday. I'm glad we decided to stop in . I think it is a new favorite place.

We walked around a little while before my hair appointment. We had also stopped in Ultra Pop. I love that place!!! I picked up a Mark Ryden's The Tree Show (While we were sitting in a cozy booth in Days I had to immediately rip the plastic off the new book so I could smell it.... new book smell, I love it almost as much as really, really, really old book smell xoxoxo)

I already had a migraine. :(

I had hoped to walk around after my hair appointment and enjoy dinner in the area but instead it was a short drive home and into bed.

This is our favorite area of Louisville it reminds us both of Asheville.