Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 332 Earring Frame

My wonderful friend (like a sis) Ash made me a beautiful earring frame for Christmas. I ruined by getting it wet a few weeks back. Tonight I decided to make a new background and then have Mr. C hang it on the wall (under a painting I did a few years back out of the frame is the top painting of the moon) so I wouldn't knock it in the sink again.

I found a silhouette that I admired of birds on a wire and tried to interpret it with permanent marker on paper. I then added a tree limb and other grasses in. I really like how it turned out. :)


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

super awesomeness!!!!

Supermom said...


guurrrl said...

Thank you! ;) I was sad that I messed up Ash's creation but I loved the way this came out. I'm going to look out for supplies. I may have to do some of these for the giveaway.... anyone have any chicken wire?