Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 95 Love is in the air

Black and White Cookie Charm Extra Large

Here is the, "Kiss Me" Charm I made last night photographed with a nickel so you can see the size!

Pearl Frosted Heart Charm with Sprinkles

Smarty Pants I <3 U Charm

Say it with chips

Taffy Valentine Heart Candies (Future Earrings) These are the same size as the sushi earrings I made.


Atasha said...

I really like the Taffy Valentine Heart Candies. They came out great!

Love the I <3 U Charm.

Have you ever made hair clips out of your polymer clay creations? (did I spell that right?)
I think those large pendants and would look great as barrettes too! Just a thought :-)

guurrrl said...

I made some clay hair clips for Penelope Ann to try. I want to see how they hold up. I had a hard time getting the clay to stay fixed to the hair clip.

Renee said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! There goes my entire check!