Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 100 Bacon Wrapped Chicken on a Stick

Last night I made bacon wrapped chicken on a stick!!! This was before I finished them off in the oven! Mr. C said it was his favorite meal and it reminded him of one of our favorite restaurant, Shiraz. (Shiraz however has super healthy food and you would never find their chicken kabobs wrapped in bacon, LOL) I had 6 slices left over from a recipe I made and needed to be used ASAP.

WOW yesterday as day 100 YIPPPPPPEEEEE

Last Friday I went for my 1 year MRI repeat of my brain. AGAIN I ended up with a massive migraine Friday. I had the headache all weekend. My Imitrex injections didn't even phase it. Today it turned into a regular headache but I have a feeling it is not through messing with me yet. UGGGGH


Atasha said...

Oh wow, those looks scrumptious. I said mmmm...out loud when I saw it. hehehehe

I'm so sorry you have to deal with those awful migraines.

Reggie said...

This really looks good; at some point I'm definitely going to have to try it.

I love to grill, it's so very easy to do. A couple of days ago I did a leg of lamb after marinating it in a mixture of herbs and honey dijon mustard and brown sugar....it was really good.

I've done bacon wrapped shrimp on the grill before, but never chicken.

One day soon when I'm feeling creative, I'm gonna give this a shot.

Renee said...