Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 85 Learning to use the SLR

Okay I love taking pictures of the Christmas tree. However whether I use my point and shoot or the Auto mode with the SLR (because I'm learning, LOL) The pictures usually come out like:
Excuse the Iron board!

Tonight I am playing around with the manual settings and changing the ISO, f/stop, exposure, etc. Now I just want to feel good enough and go around and take pictures of Christmas lights!!!

I love learning new things!


Atasha said...

OMG we haven't even put our lights on the house farless buy the Christmas tree. I am panicking watching your photo. Yes I love playing with my "toy" AKA my camera. I hope you feel better soon'

guurrrl said...

Thank you!!! I hope the weather your way is not too bad right now. The only thing I wish is that I had a real tree.

Atasha said...

I have to have my real tree every year as bad as that is. It helps my mood. I love when I walk in the house and it smells like trees, Xmas trees :-) hehehe

It rained hard & we had strong winds on Monday and it's supposed to be coming back on Thursday. We need it so badly though although when it rains my husband does not work, that's the only down side. I love the cool temps though.