Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 157

Remember this. It's now 3 months later hahaha. At least it's done. I can live with the imperfections because it's all for me. I don't even know why it gave me so much trouble. Probably because the magazine image is not as fresh in my already failing memory

This bag destroyed a single needle and a set of my Schmetz Twins. I should have stopped at that point but I think if I had put this down again I would never get back to it.

That button is not staying. I need to find a really cool looking one. I'm thinking maybe those brown/tan wood-type buttons???


guurrrl said...

YOU Finished it!!!! YAY.... I'm excited for you. I think it looks great!!!! You'll have to post another pic when you find your perfecto button! :D

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

((((AWESOME))) I love the shape! of course i love that button to - but you know how i feel about candy colors ;) a wooden type one would be great - but the bag is frggin fab!
...seeeee you totally DO NOT suck!

Imogen's Garden said...

look for coconut buttons...just as swanky as wood, but you can toss 'em in the washing machine.
the bag looks fantastic!!

Atasha said...

Coconut buttons? I'll have to look into that