Sunday, February 7, 2010

148 Blehk (as min would say)

I had 3 orders for duplicate things which is always a bore.
the lady that ordered the i heart ny dress last week loved it and ordered another for her niece.
the lady the ordered the horse sets ordered another tee for her older daughter and
the zuni bear shirt i made last week - the customer wanted another for a i made 3 items ...did i mention i HATE making duplicates! Theres no excitement at all about not knowing how its gonna turn out :( sigh
oh well! I have big plans for tomorrow or Tuesday - i have a class pot luck tomorrow so i dont know if ill be home in time to do what i want to do but im hopeful!
OH! I almost forgot - I have an empty shop at big cartel as of tonight at half time! LOL!
and i made a too cute banner for it - that was fun - -here s the banner - the background is pink stripes - if you want to take a look-see you can go HERE


Supermom said...

love it!

guurrrl said...

I really love your Big Cartel page!!! The graphics are awesome.

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

thanks guys - i cant wait to get pics bk from mindy and get the shop filled up!