Sunday, February 21, 2010

my productive day

the kids were in school so i 'was' gonna get all my fabric folded and my sewing room finished. LOL! I had 2 realizations while attempting this....
1. the project is gonna take me the rest of my life
2. im too old to be in a squatted position for more than 2 minutes

I worked away until the boys got home at 1 and then we started getting ready for the baby shower at 3 - i dont know what happened to the time but I was literally sewing the baby shower gift at 2:45 - and -so- i totally didnt take a picture - i got the hint of a picture at the shower - lol!
Its a onesie skirt and burpie with pink cross bones and skulls
cause im hoping she'll be a bad ass - hee hee!


guurrrl said...

ooooooohhhhhhh love it

Atasha said...

I really like that fabric that you used for the skirt