Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 150 Snow Cream

Work closed at noon today. We made a quick stop by the store on the way home so I could make shepherds pie for dinner. After lunch I made snow cream.

1st get a large mixing bowl of CLEAN snow
Next sprinkle 1/2 Splenda or Sugar over the top.

I like a lot of vanilla so I used 1 teaspoon
I used 1 cup of cream and 1 cup of vanilla soy milk. (Again I love vanilla) Using plain milk for both is just as tasty just not as creamy.
Now that you have all of your ingredients mix until combined. You can add more milk if you need to. It is good when right before slushy! If you add too much milk just add more snow and it will work out!

Puppy-doo was shockingly good and did her business outside. She was rewarded with snow cream. It is the only thing she likes about the snow!
Mr. C does not like snow cream. I mentioned to him that he would probably like it if it was chocolate. We added cocoa powder and now he is one happy fellow!

We now have about 7" of snow and are expecting a couple more inches tonight! Now lets see if I can talk Mr. C into going outside to play in the snow!


Dave said...

You're not suppose to eat the first snow!!! Has too many hazardous particles in it.

guurrrl said...

This was 2nd accumulating snow. :)

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

I LOOOOOVE SNOW CREAM! that is always my fav about snow! i love that you adjusted the recipe for your needs - that rox! i think that the new vanilla frostee taste like snow cream - i wonder if your choco snow cream taste likea choco frosty?

Gail said...

He said he thought it would be pretty close if I would have doubled the cocoa powder. LOL my sugar free version helped with my craving.

guurrrl said...

and I now know thanks to @Dave that it should be from the 2nd day + of consecutive snow. So even though it was the 2nd snow here it was probably all nasty, LOL, even though it was quite tasty.