Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 146 Mmmmmm Latest Yum Num Yummies

I've went polymer clay crazy tonight! I made a list this afternoon of some things that I wanted to make. This is what I have done so far tonight!

Corndogs anyone?

Firecracker popsicles. I made the lighter pair last night but waited to glaze until I did tonight's batch. I bought a new blue.

AWWWWW I love how these came out. Cheese Cracker Earrings.

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies...will become earrings to match.....

A JUMBO Scoop of Cookies and Cream... this will be come the next Guurrrl Sundae Ring! :)


Mindy said...

UMmmm.. those are super FAB!!! I love the little firecracker popsicle and corndogs!! So stinkin' cute!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

guurlfriend! you can tell you were having fun! it all looks wonderful but the ice cream and oreo earrings are madness!!!! love it and the cheez its OMG!!!!!

guurrrl said...

Thank you!!!! I had so much fun making these.

Supermom said...

Awesome gail!!!!