Monday, November 2, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 51 Unfinished Creations 33

Toddler Scarflett in the making. I will make a sort of button hole so the flower type thing can pass through it and keep it secure.
The troublesome bag. One day I will finish. I am moving very slowly with this.

Gail I left an appreciation photo. Check it when you get a chance. She does not want to take them off :-) She looks so grown up!


guurrrl said...

Those are my favo color combination of the pinks! OMG I can't wait to see that bag and I am hoping over IMMEDIATELY to check out the pictures! Thank you so much :D BTW did you see my order for the black apron? xoxoxo

Penelope Anne said...

ok! one word...friggin awesome...well, thats 2 but ya know ;)

Atasha said...

Of course I did Gail. It's going out tomorrow

LOL Penelope Anne