Thursday, November 5, 2009

I haven't stopped the challenge!

I've been sewing another sweater.  I used a different stitch and made it smaller.

Crocheted Baby Sweater

I like the other stitch better but I like the smaller size.  More for a baby.  Now I know.

I've been making sandwich bread, hamburger buns and english muffins for the family.

See, I haven't been slacking.  I've read all your posts and you are doing such great work!!!!!  You're AWESOME LADIES!!!


Penelope Anne said...


Atasha said...

I love this one even more than the 1st but that's just me

Supermom said...

I'm loving the first stich better. I've got a third sweater almost finished. I need to buy more yarn to finish it though. I hate when that happens!

guurrrl said...

I love these sweaters!