Friday, November 20, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 68

I am just so annoyed. I was trying to do so many things when I cut and sew this not to mention the kids were bothering me and it shows in the end result. I'll try it on my baby Ashleigh tomorrow to see if it can even be sold. And to top things off I have no clue what size it is and the colors don't go as I'd hoped.

It looks nothing like it should. I know what I did wrong though. A few months ago I had made a pair of these in that zebra print with black and white polka dot ruffles and it looked so pretty but I failed on this. I'll try again tomorrow.


Penelope Anne said...

OMG - Theyre awesome - what are you talking about?! did you see the ones i tried - now those were hideous - i LOVE YOURS!

Atasha said...

I wanted the legs to look more like panties and not bloomers/knickers hehehehe but I tried them on her and I think they're okay. Will update :-)
Thanks. These always make me happy when I make them. It's the ruffles