Thursday, November 19, 2009

365 Day Challenge Day 67 More Earrings

I have told myself that I cannot buy any more beads until I get rid of what I have. We'll see how that goes.

Peridot Cluster and Smokey Beads
Mother Of Pearl Coin Bead Earrings, Leafy Earrings w/ Amber bead and my unfinished Cube Cat's eye with crystal accents earring (I ran out of the teeny tiny beads at the end of the larger beads)


guurrrl said...

I'm going to order several pairs of earrings the next time I get paid for my Mom/Sis for Christmas.

Atasha said...

:-) I can't believe how addicted this jewelry making is. I just can't stop and I only hope to get better. I wish I could do wire-wrapping. I've seen some lovely pieces.

What's your favorite color?

guurrrl said...

My favo color equally is black, brown, and Robin's egg blue. My mom and I both LOVE turquoise. My papaw bought me my first turquoise set for my 4th birthday. I would like to order her some turquoise sets and probably amber for my sister & pink for my niece.

Atasha said...

I want to make YOU something :-) I have silver pins and ear wires. I have not used them yet because I am scared I mess them up plus I hadn't found beads pretty enough hehehehe.