Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Idea

I wanted to come up with something for summer that would be pretty in pic's for the babes - i haven't made anything for infants, others than onesies, in forever SO here it is -

CSL Lollipop Sets. I thought the fruit fabric I had from the smoothies would be perfect for this project - I used watermelon for my first prototype and I love it! I made these huge headbands when I first opened CSL on ebay - and they were a big hit - I guess I had forgotten about them - they are really cute on - almost like a sunbonnet but without the ties.

You can see in the last pic what they look like on. I'm hoping to make orange and blueberry sets later on tonight - I also have some chili pepper fabric that I was thinking about doing a boy set with a tie instead of headband :)


guurrrl said...

JUICY!!!! :)