Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 260 Sketches

Drawing 1 & 2 are from last night

Pencil (notice the CSL fashion (wink)
Sporting a Guurrrl Sundae Ring

Drawings 3 & 4 are from this evening

In CSL fashion again enjoying a French Macaron :)
I love the netting on this one.

Drawing is something I can do from the bed. Back in school I used to draw every day and now I hardly ever do it. I wonder why we quit doing things that are so relaxing?

Now it's time to nap. I just saw on the news it is supposed to storm every day for the next WEEK!!!! Migraine city!


Atasha said...

I truly envy your art skills. I love them all!! I can't draw worth a lick. I showed my husband some of my "design" ideas and he just laughed and said, "As long as you can understand it that's all that matters" LOL sweet man.

I'm so sorry about the headaches. Maybe the weather people will be wrong

guurrrl said...

Your husband sounds funny! I bet your drawings are fine ;D I've been trying to stay at it lately. It was so much fun a few weeks ago when my niece, nephew and I were drawing together.

Thanks about the headaches. So far they have been point on. ERRRGH I woke up with another one this morning.