Sunday, June 6, 2010

CheckCovers and Dress #4

I'm sick and feel like poo but I managed to get these done today. I tried laying down but I was restless and it didn't feel right.

I've held on to this piece of Batik for ages.  It was left over from a ring sling I sold

Cupcake Check Book Cover

Dress #4 - still need to make shoulder straps.  I have rounded off one side of the dress and will stitch a thin strip of fabric, attach it and tie it in a bow where the rounded side ends, at the top..Does that make sense?  I'm drugged up on Sudafed


guurrrl said...

You looked busy! Mr. C's mom LOVED her checkbook cover. My mom has been using her bag and cover ever since I gave it to her. I took one picture but she has forbidden me to post it, LOL. She was feeling bad that day. :) You really rocked those dresses are darlin!

Atasha said...

hehehe @ your mom thanks so much Gail.