Monday, July 19, 2010

What I've been up to

USPS has failed me twice last week and I'm not happy about it ;-(

Anyway, I had to share this one.  She left a little note in the message to seller that it was for her mom.  I've had these rings for ever and knew they would come in handy.
Here is her feedback, It made my day ;-)

"Amazing seller!! The earrings were a gift for my mother and she wrapped them very VERY cutely with a little mom "ring" detail and some twine!! I really appreciate her doing that little something extra, and the earrings are gorgeous!! Thanks again for the great earrings!!"

This looks so plain but I can see how it can come in handy.  I'll hopefully be adding a bunch to the shop.  Still trying to come up with a fancy front.  I sized it the smallest I could while still letting it be able to hold enough stuff
Pocket Wallet

Little changes on this one plus an adjustable snap

More of a card holder but it still has 3 slots for checkbook and such

Almost all my earrings are on sale.  You know when you collect too many things and the situation gets a little out of hand.  What's worse is I just keep buying more whenever I see huge sales! I have beads all over the place and these things need to go quickly.  I have bead containers all in my kitchen and the husband isn't happy about it.


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

Baby its time for a studio! it changes everything! YAY FOR THE CLUB WALLET!!!! and i dont think its plain at all! LOVE the mom detail and I know it makes you feel great when people notice that extra something! XO

Atasha said...

I can't even think about a studio atleast not until these kids are older. I told my husband today I really need to get more serious about doing what I do ;-)

So for now a new machine will have to do. Hopefully it will give me mad motivation like ALL the time