Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 314 Sewing mishaps and other fun stuff

Last nights mishaps made me laugh really, really hard and had me walking around the living room like a penguin and literally rolling around on the floor laughing hence the wrinkled fabric in the first photo.
Okay the shorter, "outer" fabric, the BEAUTIFUL, fabric from Renee was meant to be a skirt for moi. Ahem I didn't not account the need for extra fabric prior to adding elastic... basically this it fit from my ankles to my knees. It originally was longer than the lining fabric. Now I will either shorten the lining and if it fits my niece. OR I will cut it up and add black and green panels and still make a skirt for myself. (Thank you Makayla for modeling this morning)

Infinity scarf for my Paris trip ;) This fabric was also from Renee's fabric stash! I'm so in love with it!!!! This project was also pretty funny watching me trying to turn it right side out, pulling, and pulling, and pulling, and pulling, and pulling (still not so sure what happened there).

I pulled out the crooked top stitching above the piping. It was driving me nuts. It is no longer crooked and I am so happy about it! :)

Mr. C actually helped unravel all of these ends except for one!!! It was funny he would stop me every few minutes and say, "tie" or, "knot this".

The other end still needs to be unraveled. I finished a seam with a matching thread about a 1/2 inch on the long sides so that when I wash it the black threads will unravel. This fabric is so super soft.


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

the visual of you doing the penguin makes me roll - for realz! LOL! I love the red fabric in a scarf and you need to get you a set of tube turners - they are magical! Everything looks GREAT!