Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 312 & 313 Ice Cream Dress

Here is the Ice Cream Dress for DJ Nave's little girl! I love the colors :) I'm so excited. I a few more things to gather up before I put the package in the mail on Friday. Then away it goes to Japan! :D

It was my first time sewing with swiss dot. I've been dying to all year. I didn't realize that it was so transparent so chocolate may have not been the best color choice. (You can see where I joined the yoke and the bodice together). I still think it turned out super cute. I hope she enjoys it and has fun wearing it!

Everyone has been busy on here!!! Which is VERY exciting because I've been in kind of a funk since my niece went home. Hmmmm just the inspirational kick in the patoosh that I needed. ;)


Atasha said...

Gail it looks beautiful. Pink and black = a hit!!

NAVE said...

Thank you! A very wonderful dress. The children are surely pleased, too!

You are very skillful with your hands. It feels very enviable that there is technology.

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

Gail its fantastic!!!!!