Monday, July 12, 2010

Im having a blast in the new space!!!!

Today was a very productive day - I got up and went to the studio at 7 - stayed til 2 took lunch to the boys and then we went to see despicable me and then stopped at the studio and I worked until about 10:30. These are 6 skirts for the big wholesale order I'm doing.
This is the tie that goes on the onesie for the winner of Gussy's giveaway but I was out of 9m onesies :(

I made 4 White bonnets for DeeDee from vintage fabrics and lace/trim.
I also make another baby sack and bonnet...this one is for DeeDee
I had a blast making this rock out candy stick lane memo board for the studio out of some leftover christmas fabric!
SUPER easy - I took an old crappy cork board and covered it with the fabric then took thumb tacs and tacked it down in the back!
The boys love the space to! Its so refreshing - and inspirational - I dont even know how to convey my feelings!


guurrrl said...

The boys look so comfy. How was the movie??? I've been wanting to see it. I absolutely am so in love with your space. I'm so happy for you! You totally rock the wholesale orders. :D