Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 17 I'm in love with a jumper.

Okay soooo I sorta fell in love with this one tonight and I have to keep it. Seriously I can't let it go. So it is now hanging in my closet. It was the last large piece of the pink Lecien linen and the heavier weight charcoal linen that I used for the tunics. I was going to put it in my shop but I just can't at least not tonight, LOL.


Penelope Anne said...

Awesome and I know its even more incredible in person! Rock on!

Atasha said...

I too love the fabric. Countless amount of times I've made things to add to the store but ended up keeping it. I told my husband I will never make any money this way :-)

PS I'm lagging with my photos. My husband got the earrings. All that's left is for me to take one with the yummy sushi bracelet in this lifetime.

AND I almost cried tonight. My son stole the balance of the candy you sent me and was on the craziest sugar rush last night.

guurrrl said...

ROFL OMG I hope he was not up too late!!! I can't wait to see the pic of you with the sushi. I just remembered I haven't uploaded the pics of Renee to the shop. I have to do that tonight! I can't wait to see what you made. (I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't let go)

Atasha said...

Well unfortunately he was up way too late. Running in and out of his room making a ton of noise, which woke up the baby. He kept slamming doors. It was crazy how out of control he was. So.....I am totally blaming you.

Okay Okay I want to join in on the Challenge madness. Count me in! Oh Oh I am afraid! :-)