Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm still here!!!!

Laid out the fabric for my quilt.  I've already started cutting the 3 X 3 squares.  TY Renee!

Cooking with Lil O.

Making a cake and cupcakes for an Easter cookout.

Dying eggs with the baby girls.

I even planted veggies and herbs today. Cilantro. Tomato. Basil. Green Pepper. Hot Pepper and the girls picked out an assortment of flowers.

I got my new camera Friday so I was playing with the settings by taking a few random pics.  I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA.  The pics are amazing.  I haven't photo-shopped these.  Just point and shoot.


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guurrrl said...

These are so beautiful Michelle!!! I love the color you captured in the flowers and the baking photos are sweet.....both in moments and mmmmmm in YUMMINESS