Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 220 & 221 O+S Tea Party Dresses

Friday night I made outfit #2 for my friend Bruce's nieces. This is size 3T. I have one more outfit to go for him. :) The striped piping reminds me of fruit striped bubblegum!
I made another Tea Party dress yesterday with the fabric I got at Ikea with Mr. C. It is also a 3T and will be in my shop soon. :) It reminds me of limeade.

I am sewing again today but I cannot post pictures. So here is a picture of my new love.
Yes I never knew I could be in love with an iron. LOL When you use the steam feature on high it's like getting a facial. Mr. C said it looked like the living room was a dry cleaners.


Atasha said...

Love the dresses especially the the fabric of the 2nd one. It's beautiful and yes I understand how you can be in love with an iron. I too need a new one but when I got the one I am currently using 10 yrs+ ago I felt the same. I was ironing everything and I mean everything :-)

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

holy cow bells! You keep bringing that FIRE and it's AWESOME! LOVE the new Iron - I need to get one - my won't even shoot steam anymore :( Oh - well - Ill add that to the list!
The dresses ROCK!

guurrrl said...

I had to get a new iron board too. Which was the reason I had to get the new iron. The old iron board got a tear...I hit it with the old iron...and burnt stuff got stuck all over the bottom. ERG. So funny though. That iron was so cheap and I had it for over ten years! This one was on sale for 50. It better last!!! :D I'm loving it right now though. :) xoxoxoxo