Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 215 Breakfast & Anime Art Bag

mmmmm coffee

This morning I used the french coffee press (12.99, can be used for coffee or tea) we picked up from Ikea yesterday and made and ham and swiss crepes with breakfast. Mr. C also grabbed an apple we served apples on the side so he could use the new gadget. Which was pretty impressive for 2.99.

I picked up this anime fabric yesterday at Ikea. I had read about it on True Up and instantly thought of my niece. I was quite aggravated when I got home because it was cut off the bolt wrong and I ended up with an incomplete panel. (The top of her head was on the bottom of my panel. I should have been paying attention. Especially since it was sold purchasing it by panel size). Regardless I am really happy with the bag. The bag is about 3'wide x 2'deep


I ended up making her a bag to carry around her art work, art portfolios, art pads, pencils, etc. I'll give it to her when she gives me the rubber stamp drawing she is working on. (hint/hint) ;)


If you look at the top right you can see both elastic and fabric slots to hold pencils, pens, chalks or paint brushes.

LOL I love the Godzilla!


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

INCREDIBLE! These would sell like MAD! Before I read the post I thought you had bought the bag a dept store?! unbelievable - seriously!

Atasha said...

Wow I love love love the fabric. I've been seeing such pretty prints on people's blog and then they say they got it at IKEA. So you know where this lady must go soon! I checked them out online but unfotuntely you can't order it from them there.

This is great Gail.

guurrrl said...

The bag was awesome motivation....I sent the link to my sis, she showed it to my sweet niece...who finished the drawing last night! :D I'm sooo excited!

@Renee I need to make some more! :D
@Atasha I know I tried to order some too, LOL. Now I need to drive back to get some more. The store is 109 miles from my apartment.. (tee-hee) now that I know how to get there.

Atasha said...

OMG Gail! 109 miles?? That is far. I wanted to complain about the distance but after reading this I won't. The closest one to me is about 30 miles.
Oh the things we will do for fabric :-)