Tuesday, March 2, 2010

YaaaaaY! I got off work early

So the lovely blizzard that hit today made it possible for me to get off work at 12 :) and when i got home the kiddos had the house straightened up when I got home so I got to sew as soon as I walked in the door - WOOHOO!!!! So tonight I get to make a big post on the blog tonight! WOOT
I've had this piggly wiggly tee for a while and LOVED it - but I couldn't figure out how to use it best and decided today on these pants - that way you can see both logos and nothing gets chopped off! Are you big on the pig?

These pants are a custom order
This tee came from someone I work with and I totally fell in love with - I mean who wouldnt!!!

and then with the leftover from the fish tee from the pants I made this skirt - and I totally love it! - The colors look GREAT together and I love that there is a design on the front and back!


Supermom said...

Loving it!

Atasha said...

I wish those colorful pants and that skirt could fit me LOL. I am in love with the bright happy colors.

You are on a roll!!

guurrrl said...

Ha, ha Atasha said it.... LOL they need to make jolly green giant shirts so you can recycle into adult lounge wear! These are awesome. You have really been knocking it OUT lady!

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

i wish i wish i wish i could stay home at least a couple days a week - im so tired when i get home from work that the inspiration just isnt there :( but even when i get off part of the day i feel like a kid in a candy store :D

guurrrl said...

I've totally felt unmotivated this week. Monday thru Wednesday I've spent 8.5 hours so far on tech support with Adobe!!! I still do not have software installed. I so hope it gets installed this morning. It's making some crappy days! LOL You are amazing. I'm loving these SO much. The fish are my fav.