Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 194 WOW A busy night :)

This is the most productive night I've had in a long time!

A co-worker saw my whale pocket the other day and wanted one. Haaaaa I smeared the tag when I was crediting the wonderful Lia...has anyone seen my sharpie?
Crayon pouch for Matt's other lil one. Now the package is complete :)
Some cuppy beads. I'm still experimenting. the frosting is not clay. I'm not sure if it is stable enough to actually hold up as jewelry....we shall see. It's pretty though.
Pink Bubblegum ring (custom order) is almost dry :) , the chocolate chip cookie dough ring will be listed in my shop soon as the newest Guurrrl Sundae flavor YUM
This Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich ring is drying and will also be appearing in the shop soon :) (I added more "ice cream" from last night. I didn't think it was full enough. I also thought it had too many sprinkles)
Custom peep ring drying. I actually think I got too much "sugar" on here. It may be a do over.

Well that's it for tonight.

Happy creating xoxoxoxo


Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...

Gail, are you serious right now!? really?! you know i am having a damn fit right now right?! OH MY FRIGGIN GOD!!!! WTFMF?! Girlfriend when you do it you DO it! BIG! ROCK ON!

guurrrl said...

I was so happy that I go to work on a lot of different things!!!! :) xoxoxoxo